Color quest: pastel neon lime

Last year I added some pastel pink and lilac to my closet, as an accent against black denim. 

This year, I was captivated by the neon lime green trend. Street style blogs have lots of bright neon accents. The color I'm thinking of is somewhere between yellow and green, and highlighter-bright. I especially like the look I've seen of a neon turtleneck peeking out under a black shirt.

The problem is, I dislike how that neon color looks on me, especially near my face. After trying several options, I've realized that I should shift towards a more pastel interpretation, just like the pink and lilac. And, like those other pastels, it should be on the cooler side. No hint of chartreuse. The bolder colors are mostly found as synthetics (dye chemistry, I imagine), but I'd prefer cotton and it should be fine for this toned-down option.

Now I'm having trouble finding tops in this color. I did find one perfect option... a $300 hoodie by Acne. So that's out of the question. But I'd love to find a cotton turtleneck or a hoodie in this color. If you happen to find something that's exactly this color, feel free to share!

Part of me finds it hilarious that I've added so much pastel to my wardrobe after decades of black. But I love the contrast, and it really is better on me than bright colors!


A mini-trend I'm loving: fishnet ankle socks

For years I've wanted a pair of fishnet ankle socks, and suddenly they're all over the stores. I grabbed a pair at Nordstrom Rack, but I've also seen them at Nordstrom and Urban Outfitters. I'm not sure why I like the idea so much -- fishnet tights are a little too va-va-voom for my usual look (though I wore them all the time in college).

I wore them last week with cuffed straight jeans and my Dr Martens sandals, and I got a compliment walking down our most hipster-filled street. I don't think they looked too extreme, more like just a little detail to add edge to my outfit. (I didn't think to take a photo.)

What do you all think? Would you wear this?

Next I want a pair in skin-tone or pale pink. And I also like the related trend of ankle socks with block heels.



I just came across this mini-trend and I'm surprisingly captivated.

I've seen dickeys here and there this past year -- the fake shirt collars that you add under a sweater. I'm not a huge fan; they often seem too twee. But I'm bizarrely in love with Veronica Beard's interpretation. They have a line of different blazers and interchangeable dickeys that button in: a lace hoodie, a heavy cable knit, a down puffer. 

I haven't been wearing blazers much recently but I love how this pulls the athleisure trend in to make a blazer more casual.

I added a few to Finds but Nordstrom has a whole range of them. I imagine you could mix and match, changing up one jacket with a few looks. If you could afford them... these are all $600 for the jacket and $250 for the dickey! Still, there's room for DIY versions, or just layering a light lace hoodie under my classic boyfriend blazer.

What do you all think? 

(Edit: I searched and realized these must have been around a while, as a few of you were excited about the coat during the NAS. I guess I'm behind the trend!)


Fashion week surprise: DKNY

I haven't been following Fashion Week much because spring/summer isn't my preferred season. But I just fell in love with this DKNY collection.

The pinstripes! The minimalism! The odd but not too odd shapes! It's like someone snuck into my subconscious and figured out what I didn't know I wanted yet.

That's not to say I love every piece, of course, or that I'll even buy any particular item. But there's plenty of inspiration.

Apparently DKNY has new designers this year, the ultra-hip Public School designers.

Are any of you following the shows? Any surprise (or not-so-surprise) favorites?


Awesome updo - thanks, Runcarla!

Runcarla posted a great inspiration photo for me this evening, an amazing french braid updo on someone whose hair has an undercut like mine (photo below).

The timing was almost spooky because today I tweeted that having the side of my head shaved finally means I can braid my hair without looking like 12-year-old Anne of Green Gables. Yesterday I was playing around with braids inspired by the Creatures of the Wind runway show:

So, I tried the braid from Runcarla's photo, and it works! I'll play with the top bits more if I do this again to get more volume. Right now my hair is desperately in need of shampoo (once a week) so it's a different texture than usual, smooth and thick and flat.

Thanks for the idea!!


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Theyskens Theory

I am mourning the passing of the Theyskens Theory line. From now on, it will be folded into the main Theory line.

As background: Theory has always been a great source for stylish careerwear, but not always the most exciting. Theory asked Olivier Theyskens, a rather artsy Belgian designer, to design a capsule for spring 2011. After that, they hired him as their artistic director. His influence was definitely seen in the main Theory line but he continued making Theyskens Theory as a separate collection, showing at fashion week.

As of this year, Theory decided it made more sense to merge the two and have Olivier Theyskens' more fashion-forward designs shown at fashion week as part of the Theory line. I don't know yet how it'll translate to what's in the stores. In the past, Theyskens Theory was carried at just a few department stores, separate from Theory. Perhaps it'll mean the main Theory line expands to be less basic, continuing in the direction they've gone for the past few years - not a bad change.

Anyway, I'm sad about this for three reasons, mostly personal and emotional not practical.

First, Theyskens Theory came on the scene soon after I got interested in fashion. His designs, especially in the first few seasons, were so, so me - that was a year when styles were trending darker and a bit avant garde, so it lined up well with my aesthetic. It helped shape my style and it gave me a relatively affordable, accessible source of slightly edgy clothes. I ended up with a handful of his pieces bought on clearance, and I'd love to buy more from those first few seasons. So I have an emotional connection to it.

Second, I just looked at the Theory runway show from today at Fashion Week and it's certainly a bit more mainstream and low key than his previous shows. Still excellent, but less inspiring. My wardrobe needs don't include businesswear (suits, etc) and I'm not so sure Theory will keep making the more casual or edgy pieces from Theyskens. 

And third, a purely practical irritation: Theyskens pieces were cut to a different model than Theory. Theory runs very small and isn't exactly shaped like me, though it's quite close. Theyskens Theory always fit me perfectly. (Except that one silk tee I got stuck in, in a fitting room!)

It's probably a good business decision: Theory will shift a little more fashion-forward and keep up with the competition. I'm not sure how commercially successful the Theyskens line was. I always saw things on deep clearance at the Rack and Outnet (good for me!).

But I'm still sad!