Goldilocks and the two jackets

I've been looking for a bomber jacket that wasn't quite so bomber-y, and I found one at H&M this fall. It's a wool-blend boucle. I like the zipper accents and I like that the cuffs aren't rib knit - for some reason I've always had trouble with the feeling of those on my wrists. Dunno why.

So I bought it. It was oversized so I sized down to a 2. I've worn it a bunch, but then I took some photos and wondered if I bought the wrong size. It sits oddly on my shoulders I guess.

Then a few weeks ago I walked past H&M and saw the same jacket on sale for $25, so I snapped up a larger size (6). I figured it was so cheap that I wouldn't mind donating the first one. But, much like Goldilocks, I can't seem to be pleased. I think it's too big. Maybe I should have found a 4, or maybe it's not to be, or maybe the first one was fine.

First four photos are the size 2. Last four photos are size 6. (I'm not at my most photogenic today.)

Should I return the bigger one?


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When your formal capsule... is covered in mildew!

The title says it all. I'm heading to a wedding this weekend. The other day I pulled my fancy Theyskens Theory fishtail skirt out from the guest room closet, and the bottom is covered in little spots of what must be mildew. Damn it. I don't know if there's a leak in there, or if I put it away wet, or what.

It might be clean-able, but not this week.

The wedding is a very out-there crowd, all bright mohawks and techno-goth finery, and the clothing suggestion is "elegant but non-stuffy" (black is fine, even encouraged). And it'll be sort of chilly at the venue. So I fell back to a different plan, a simple LBD, fishnets, and this amazing silver leather coat that I found at a thrift store right when I joined YLF:

So I'm not sure what the moral of this story is. Either, check your formalwear capsules occasionally for moth / mildew / fit issues, unlike me. Or, good thing I had a good formalwear capsule, with a few other options ready to go!