The academic interview grand tour begins: help me pack! (update)

(Update: Hello from Seattle! A new option at the end of the comments - a star-print Equipment shirt I got at a consignment store recently. What do you think?)

I am super excited to say that I have a month of really great faculty job interviews coming up. I might let myself feel a little bit optimistic about my career. It's been a slog and I really hope one of these works out.

More on my overall outfit planning later - six multi-day interviews is a lot of clothes - but for now: I leave first thing in the morning for Baltimore and I can't decide what to wear.

For my first interview, in Baltimore this week with sub-zero daytime temps, I've narrowed it down to a few options. This is just a one-day interview, so I only need one outfit. There will be some snow on the ground, so I have to wear boots.

The bottoms options are new Everlane mid-rise slacks (more formal, and a nice heavy wool) or old J Crew Collection wool pants that are really warm, flattering, and high-quality. They're essentially very fancy leggings, so I would only wear them with a longer shirt. The dark horse is my old suit, but the pants are less warm and, um, they don't quite zip closed anymore.

To give a sense of the pants in better light, here are the new Everlane slacks (1,2) and the J Crew pants worn with an Everlane striped silk shirt (3,4). These combinations are not interview outfits on their own but I wanted to include a few clearer, well-lit photos.

Interview options
5,6: Everlane slacks, striped shirt, Helmut Lang cropped blazer
7,8: same, but with J Crew skinny pants (and with the boots I'll wear)
9,10: Everlane slacks, black silk shirt, cropped blazer
11,12: same, but with J Crew skinny pants
13,14,15: old Club Monaco suit with grey silk sweater, and the sweater on its own (it looks much more blah than I expected)

My boyfriend and I both actually prefer the outfit in 11 & 12. It surprised me. It looks sleek and stylish and flattering. Unfortunately it doesn't come through well in photos. But it is very me.

1. Should I keep the new Everlane slacks? I own a few others, and I don't wear slacks often. But the higher waist of these is much more current. They pull a tiny bit across the hips but overall I think they look good. They probably need to be hemmed a bit.
2. What about the striped silk shirt, either for interviews or just in general, perhaps with jeans? I loved it in the store but maybe less so in photos. 
3. And the grey Banana Republic sweater? Too blah? Tags are still on all three of these.
4. And of course, which combination should I choose for the first interview?


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Last minute packing decision (thanks, it was great!)

Last minute packing dilemma!

I'm packing as we speak to go to LA for a few days. I'm giving a talk at UCLA. It's the first time I'm giving an important invited seminar (not counting job interview talks) and I am less well established than most of the speakers in this weekly series. So I want to look grown-up, of course, but also, science is really casual and it is important to me that I don't look out of place by dressing up too much. Mostly I see it as a fun chance to pull out some of my slightly nicer clothing while still looking like myself.

I can't decide between a few options for bottoms. I'm wearing my square silk shirt from Everlane. The pants options are:

1. Everlane wool trousers, ankle strap flats

2. Helmet Lang wool cropped pants with interesting seaming - very me. The only shoes that balance out these pants are my chunky sandals. If I had a pair of refined, low ankle laced boots they'd be perfect with this outfit but I tried all my shoes and nothing else was quite right for my style. This is my favorite outfit, but I'm afraid the sandals are too casual.

3. Alice and Olivia high waist pleated pants with ankle strap flats. The dressiest option, and I feel like it is a bit too dressy for the situation and my comfort.


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Silk cami: is this The One or not?

I'm searching for a silk cami as a versatile dressy/casual top. I loved the look of this one from Grana, especially the deep vee. The shape looks elegant yet relaxed. The two layers of heavy silk are gorgeous and as a bonus, the style covers my bra straps. It's the nicest one I've seen out of the options.

But the thick silk doesn't drape as well as I'd hoped and I fear it ends up looking too big. Maybe just too long? And also somehow less casual than some options. It is soooo close to perfect that I'm tempted to keep it. What do you think?

Definitely can't go down a size, because this one is just barely big enough in the bust. For Grana sizing reference it's an XS.

Sorry for the sleepy-grouchy faces!

edit: can't make a Grana find but here is the link:;color=383 and I made a find for the closest competitor, an Everlane cami that's shorter and more casual (and doesn't cover bra straps for what it's worth).


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Another dress option (updated with another in comments)

Take 2:

Some of you loved this Equipment dress in my finds. So did my boyfriend. When I saw it was on sale at Bloomingdale's, I realized it might be an option after all.

What do you think?

This is the smallest size, but I'm concerned it might still be too big. It's meant to be oversized, a look that I like, but on my short frame that can be risky.

I like it, and I think it is dressy enough for the wedding. I would dress it up with heels for sure. Probably with the sleeves rolled.


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A dress option for my brother's wedding: pink?!

I found this second-hand dress at Crossroads last weekend. Alexander Wang, silk, a cut that I like. It is pink. Very pink, despite the white chiffon overlay. I have never worn pink. But somehow I love this one, and the price can't be beat ($65).

Should I wear this to my brother's beach wedding (10 guests, Hawaii, casual event but fancy clothes appreciated)? Is it the wrong note for the event? Does it look awesome or awful on me? I have a sunburn (fading to a tan) so I'm not as pale as usual. Does that look worse with the pink?

Today's the last day I could return it.

I took photos in a few different lighting conditions, none of which are perfect, to get closer to the real color of the dress and my skin. The overexposed sunlight photos are how it'll probably look in real life, but the color is hard to see.

I styled it with wedge sandals. My LD Tuttle flats would be a great match color-wise (the straps really are pink, not red), but I think the heels help the shift dress look graceful?


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WIW to the rack, and men's shirt?

Here I am at the Rack, where I tried on a white shirt that was mis-filed into the women's section. It's a Theory men's shirt, size XS. I've really been liking the oversized white shirt look recently, but none of my shirts get the right stolen-from-my-guy look. When I tried this on, I realized maybe the key is to actually wear a men's shirt. What do you think? I love the fit aside from the sleeve length but I might be nuts.

Today's outfit is a FFBO that may have appeared here before: a mesh Club Monaco sweater, these oversized Zara jeans, and my Allsaints ankle boots. I'm glad it's chilly enough for long sleeves for once.


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