WIW: back to blazers

Hi all!

My dressing has been uninspired recently. Tshirts and jeans every day. Plus, I went up a size so it's thrown off my sense of what looks good, and I've had to replace a lot of jeans.

I'm finally feeling back on top of my wardrobe! Last night I went out for dinner, and I realized I could dress up my jeans and tee with my favorite blazer. I don't know why I haven't worn blazers at all this past year, but I hereby declare I'm bringing them back. This one is my favorite, from Theyskens Theory. And my boots added a bit of sparkle, too (the leather in the back is subtly sparkly). I felt great.

I also went to my favorite consignment store yesterday and found two maybe-winners. I bought them, but I'm not 100% sure they'll be workhorses.

1. Rag & Bone tweed wool shorts. They hit just below my knee. At first I thought I'd hem them, but from the photos, I actually prefer the longer length (photo 3) instead of rolled (photo 4). I do wish they were cut wider, more like culottes. I think they might have started life as full-length trousers.

2. Dries van Noten tall boots. Beautiful, beautiful soft leather. Incredible. And not too tall on me. They gape a bit around the top, and scrunch too much at the ankle, but it's still better than any other tall boots I've ever tried. For the low price, I decided to just go for it. The toe / foot shape looks a bit dated but I think it's ok.

What do you think? Are these gold medals or just fun things to have in the closet? Do the shorts work with the boots (photos 8&9) or would I need longer, looser culottes for that look?


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Excellent customer service from Nordstrom and BR

I had a few frustrating experiences this week, all followed by fantastic customer service! I wanted to pass on the cheer.

Two packages were stolen from my steps this week: shoes from Nordstrom (UPS) and two pullovers from Banana Republic (FedEx smartpost, so delivered by USPS). 

Rather than trying to deal with UPS at all, I just called Nordstrom and explained, and they instantly gave me a refund! It's not even their fault in the least, but I imagine this occasional expense is factored into their business plans. Sadly, the shoes are sold out in my size, so I won't get them... but at least I have the money back.

Buoyed by that, I thought I'd try Banana Republic as well. Same experience! They quickly placed a replacement order. I asked them to send it to my work address this time.

And then, I noticed that an Everlane return still hadn't been processed after a month. I emailed them to ask if I'd see my money soon. They, too, gave me a refund right away (before having the package in hand) - and they even gave me a gift credit to replace the one I'd used to pay for part of that order, even though the original credit was a one-time thank you gift from them, not something I could keep in my account. And, they told me when their next open studio day is, so I can go try things on in person and avoid the cycle of buying and returning by mail. (They're a few blocks from me.)

Such a pleasant resolution to three stressful events!

I'm working out new methods of getting shipments so nothing can be stolen - I'll either use a mailbox at the local UPS Store or ship to work (slightly frowned upon).

Any other great customer experiences recently?