WIW: a challenging silhouette

Or maybe not so challenging. I bought this BR cropped shirt last year -- I know a few of you have the same one. I loved the concept, but I've only worn it a few times. I couldn't figure out how to make it work without baring too much midriff. I finally found a light tank top that fits under it and covers the gap. Obvious in retrospect! 

The other challenge is just getting used to the boxy look. Until I took these photos, I thought this style of top wasn't the best on me -- but once again a photo changed my perspective.

On the other hand, these ripped Zara jeans look less lovely than I'd thought. They really are just too big, and the extra fabric of the jeans and the tank top combine poorly. I'll try this outfit again with relaxed skinny jeans and a slimmer cami, and consider passing these jeans along.

I did really like the BR offerings the season this shirt came out. Unconventional shapes, interesting ideas. I can see why it wasn't commercially successful but the few things I bought from BR that year have all become favorites.


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Hi all! WIW, KR

I've been very busy at work and, thus, not thinking as much about clothes. But I thought I'd stop back and catch up on all your posts and ask for opinions on a few looks.

1-2. WIW: denim shirtdress, waxed coating. A black denim shirt has been a HEWI, and I realized this tunic/dress actually works better on me than a denim shirt. I haven't gotten used to the boxy shirt styles that are in right now and how they interact with my chest. I think the length of this dress pulls the fabric down and prevents the balloon look. I found this one at a consignment store (7 for all mankind).

I wore this out with chunky flat sandals during the day, and Dr Martens boots at night. Sorry the footwear isn't visible. I wish I'd taken a photo after I put on makeup - lime green eyeshadow that I think added a fun twist.

3. Equipment silk shirt that I decided to return - a size too big. But I love the pattern.

4-5. Everlane square silk shirt. This is flying off their shelves. I can't decide if I like it on myself (chest issues, again) but I think it works pretty well and it's definitely trendy. My only hesitation is that the silk is washed black, not deep black, and that limits which of my black(ish) pants I can wear it with. I usually prefer solid black tops with faded/distressed denim. Keep?

5-7. Frye boots I found at the Rack yesterday for only $70.  My boyfriend loves them. What do you think?

Tall boots are hard on me, because my lower legs are so short. These look better than any other tall boots I've tried. But they're too tight to wear over skinny jeans and I'm just not sure how much I'll wear them. They're maybe 1/4 size too small, but the next size up was too tall (and $230...)

8-9. WIW last week: jumping on the neckerchief train! I got these new R13 jeans on final sale and sadly they're a size too big. But I added a belt the next day and they looked quite good as a slim boyfriend, so disaster was averted.


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