WIW: dressed up with nowhere to go

I changed into my favorite crossover jeans and a really cool drapey wool wrap top to go to a friend's whiskey tasting party.

I rang the doorbell, rechecked my email, and discovered the party is tomorrow! His first invitation had the wrong date.

Luckily, he just lives across the street from me.

Sorry the contrast makes the details invisible. Posting from my phone so I can't lighten the photo.


WIW: track pants, finally!

I've been searching for the perfect track pants / joggers / harem pants. At some point I realized that with all the variables (silk, cotton, wool; gathered cuff or not; drop crotch or not; etc) there were 96 possible combinations, which overwhelmed my OCD perfectionism.

Luckily, after a few misses, I found the pants of my dreams. They're a thick jacquard weave cotton. Somehow I talked myself into spending much more than I meant to on them, but I do really like them.

Now I just need better styling ideas - I'm wearing them today with my most basic tshirt. I think I could use a few more mostly-white tops with some sort of pattern or graphic. They'd also work well with any of my black sleeveless silk shirts. I want to avoid looking like I'm going to work in sweatpants.

And shoes - they work with these flats, and perhaps with my mephisto sandals. I'm going to wear them tonight with Converse but that's a bit too sporty for my ideal look. Oh, and they'd work with my heels. Lots of ideas to try.


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WIW and new AllSaints boots?

I've been having one of those weeks where I go through so many clothing options each morning before I find something that looks and fits right. Trial and error is how we learn, though!

Outfit 1:. Helmut Lang sleeveless high/low lacey wool top, Theory wool sweater, emergency jeans bought while feeling large a few weeks ago (CoH straight leg). All second-hand. And my Mephistos, inspired by Angie's post about Birkenstocks this morning.

Outfit 2: Snapshot at the Rack yesterday. I returned something and didn't buy anything new. Go me. Vince linen box tee and bp white sleeveless shirt (both Rack, long ago); Gap legging jeans (legging is a misnomer, though). For this, I remembered Angie's encouragement for us to try fluid tops. I would normally have turned to a more fitted combination, but I think this works better.

K/R: Back in the fall, I was debating boots:
The AllSaints boots went on sale, and then there was an  extra 20% off promo one weekend, and I had a big store credit languishing. They were out of stock in my size, but I asked and AllSaints called me to say they'd located a pair in Chicago, could still apply the 20% off, and did I want them?


So, they're here and I think they're great. The leather is soft and they will break in nicely. But, I have the opposite of flower pot syndrome: the dreaded ankle-muffintop. (Cankles?) The stiff, straight shaft and my leg angle don't quite match. BUT if I keep them unzipped 1" - which I like the look of, honestly, a nice RATE touch - they are just fine.
3-4: Partially unzipped, no muffintop
5-7: Zipped, muffintop



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