WIW and new AllSaints boots?

I've been having one of those weeks where I go through so many clothing options each morning before I find something that looks and fits right. Trial and error is how we learn, though!

Outfit 1:. Helmut Lang sleeveless high/low lacey wool top, Theory wool sweater, emergency jeans bought while feeling large a few weeks ago (CoH straight leg). All second-hand. And my Mephistos, inspired by Angie's post about Birkenstocks this morning.

Outfit 2: Snapshot at the Rack yesterday. I returned something and didn't buy anything new. Go me. Vince linen box tee and bp white sleeveless shirt (both Rack, long ago); Gap legging jeans (legging is a misnomer, though). For this, I remembered Angie's encouragement for us to try fluid tops. I would normally have turned to a more fitted combination, but I think this works better.

K/R: Back in the fall, I was debating boots:
The AllSaints boots went on sale, and then there was an  extra 20% off promo one weekend, and I had a big store credit languishing. They were out of stock in my size, but I asked and AllSaints called me to say they'd located a pair in Chicago, could still apply the 20% off, and did I want them?


So, they're here and I think they're great. The leather is soft and they will break in nicely. But, I have the opposite of flower pot syndrome: the dreaded ankle-muffintop. (Cankles?) The stiff, straight shaft and my leg angle don't quite match. BUT if I keep them unzipped 1" - which I like the look of, honestly, a nice RATE touch - they are just fine.
3-4: Partially unzipped, no muffintop
5-7: Zipped, muffintop


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  • Angie replied 4 years ago

    I have to run, but had to quickly chime in to say that I missed your outfits and am thrilled you're posting again. Killer booties, and fab outfits. xo

  • pil replied 4 years ago

    Great boots - glad they were able to make their way to your closet!

  • Caro in Oz replied 4 years ago

    I think the unzipped boot looks fab. Great looks :)

  • jackiec replied 4 years ago

    Oooooh nice boots! The leather looks so nice! LOL about muffin tops in boots! I've never really heard of that, and they look good to me. Hopefully they don't hurt? Good solution to out the zipper down a bit - looks great. I love your outfits too! Nice work leaving the Rack without buying ;)

  • Greyscale replied 4 years ago

    Thanks so much, Angie! It's good to be back. Now I just need a better photo setup.

    Jackiec, they definitely don't hurt, even when zipped all the way up. So I think they're a keeper.

    I just realized that they were supposed to have a rocker-cool leather zipper pull! They must have been lost in the store at some point. These were the floor model. I wonder if I can ask for a further discount. Though ironically, the long leather pull would keep me from doing my partially unzipped solution.

  • shevia replied 4 years ago

    I love the booties and although I completely empathize with ankle muffin top concerns, I don't see a problem here. And the top of the leather will stretch a bit. Outfits are fantastic, #2 my favorite.

  • NDMom replied 4 years ago

    Really love the boots....they will be a great complement to your awesome style!

  • Aubergine replied 4 years ago

    I especially like the white shirt and how it ties in with the white parts of the Converse in #2.

    The boots look good to me and the unzipping seems to work well. And I love the term ankle-muffintop! Somehow I've faced both that and flowerpot syndrome, depending on the bootie.

  • LACeleste replied 4 years ago

    Great boots!

  • replied 4 years ago

    Wow, I love the boots. Really. I may lemming if that is OK.

    I like them unzipped a bit more than all the way for your style. It gives off that 'too cool to care' vibe.

  • catgirl replied 4 years ago

    I like the boots as long as they are still wearable. Lol at ankle muffin top - is nothing exempt from muffin?

  • Angela K replied 4 years ago

    Love the boots and think they look great with your half zip solution. I have a really hard time with anything that zips up the back because I think my ankles are too short? Haha. I know that sounds random but when they are zipped up they dig into my ankle at the top of the zipper. I have worn them unzipped just a little but I like your version better because it's on the side and not the back. Hope you enjoy them!

  • Parsley replied 4 years ago

    Greyscale, you are just the epitome of urban cool!
    I love your outfits- I wish I could see the details of the first one better; the lacy top sounds interesting. 

    I love the way you wear your black and white in the second one. I wouldn't have thought of putting the tee with the sleeveless shirt, but it really works.

    The boots look like definite keepers to me. I like your solution of partially unzipping them, and I think it works really well. That's way better than the flowerpot look problem, IMO.

  • Debra replied 4 years ago

    Great outfits and the boots are fab. I like the unzipped look :)

  • leopardluxe replied 4 years ago

    Love the edgy-cool casual vibe of your outfits. 

    ...and I really like the boots slightly unzipped. Adds to the edgy-cool vibe, imho.

  • neonginger replied 4 years ago

    The boots are great looking unzipped. 

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