Uniqlo x Lemaire collab this Friday

Uniqlo is doing a collaboration with Lemaire, a French label that I'm vaguely aware of. The collaboration is full of gorgeous, simple wool and cashmere items. Really classy looking.

It comes out online, plus a few items in stores, on Friday. I'm really excited -- but also a bit wary. I'm so tempted to snap up everything online, but I never know if I'm an XS or S and that makes for a lot of buy-and-return. And the weather here in SF is rarely cold enough for me to wear lots of cozy wool. Sleeveless wool tops are fine for me, or light wool cardigans, but merino leggings or chunky turtlenecks might never get worn. I'm particularly worried that the lambswool sweaters will be too hot.

Here are the items I'm most seriously considering -- though I'll be buying them in black only, and I don't know which actually come in black. (Some of the color swatches might be a dark navy?)

Should I get the asymmetric cape? I do like capes, and the asymmetry is excellent, but I might prefer a more tailored cape.


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Fashion week surprise: DKNY

I haven't been following Fashion Week much because spring/summer isn't my preferred season. But I just fell in love with this DKNY collection.

The pinstripes! The minimalism! The odd but not too odd shapes! It's like someone snuck into my subconscious and figured out what I didn't know I wanted yet.

That's not to say I love every piece, of course, or that I'll even buy any particular item. But there's plenty of inspiration.

Apparently DKNY has new designers this year, the ultra-hip Public School designers.

Are any of you following the shows? Any surprise (or not-so-surprise) favorites?


Another dress option (updated with another in comments)

Take 2:

Some of you loved this Equipment dress in my finds. So did my boyfriend. When I saw it was on sale at Bloomingdale's, I realized it might be an option after all.

What do you think?

This is the smallest size, but I'm concerned it might still be too big. It's meant to be oversized, a look that I like, but on my short frame that can be risky.

I like it, and I think it is dressy enough for the wedding. I would dress it up with heels for sure. Probably with the sleeves rolled.


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A dress option for my brother's wedding: pink?!

I found this second-hand dress at Crossroads last weekend. Alexander Wang, silk, a cut that I like. It is pink. Very pink, despite the white chiffon overlay. I have never worn pink. But somehow I love this one, and the price can't be beat ($65).

Should I wear this to my brother's beach wedding (10 guests, Hawaii, casual event but fancy clothes appreciated)? Is it the wrong note for the event? Does it look awesome or awful on me? I have a sunburn (fading to a tan) so I'm not as pale as usual. Does that look worse with the pink?

Today's the last day I could return it.

I took photos in a few different lighting conditions, none of which are perfect, to get closer to the real color of the dress and my skin. The overexposed sunlight photos are how it'll probably look in real life, but the color is hard to see.

I styled it with wedge sandals. My LD Tuttle flats would be a great match color-wise (the straps really are pink, not red), but I think the heels help the shift dress look graceful?


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WIW: bandana and HEWI shopping

I just got back from a week off the grid at Burning Man, where I was building a large art project. Despite the non-commercial nature of the event, I jumped right back into shopping, thanks to Labor Day sales.

Anna posted a nice writeup of the styles she saw at a local consignment store event. She mentioned that a few women were wearing bandanas or scarves in their hair, a look I used to wear often. I haven't in years, but I found my favorite silk kerchief and gave it a try. Good? Bad?

First photo is today's outfit, with a new pair of R13 slouchy skinnies I found at the consignment store. I keep saying I'm over skinnies, especially low-rise, but I love these. Basically everything R13 is irresistible.

The Gap is killing it with their denim this fall. I've worn the knee length black denim skirt twice a week since I bought it. I saw a black denim jacket and a grey denim shirt in the new arrivals, and I had to have them. They're both HEWIs, especially the shirt.

I'm between a small and XS for both items and I can't decide what to do. I like how the smaller ones look on me but both the shirt and the jacket are tight through the armpits. Perhaps this jacket will be only for wearing with light tees. It's 100% cotton, so it won't stretch much.

Grey shirt: XS only (they didn't have the small)

Jacket: XS first, then S with the white shirt under.


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In search of a dress

I just got back from a few weeks of travel, and now I have an urgent shopping need. My brother is getting married in Hawaii in a few weeks, and I need a dress!

It's a beach wedding with ten guests. A low-key affair, but the bride would love it if we dress up a bit. I have two appropriate dresses but I should probably get a new one, because they've both been worn to so many weddings (including my other brother's wedding).

I'm going to hit a few stores today, but if any of you have ideas, please share! My goals are:

  • silk 
  • summery
  • grey, silver, or black+white pattern are ideal; color is possible
  • preference for avant garde or interesting over pretty, perhaps a loose shift shape.
Though for that last point - one of my other dresses is a simple silver linen Eileen Fisher sundress that is not at all avant garde, and I love it.

One option is in Finds below but I think the crewneck will make it less flattering on me.