Edgy tweed: a Zara double windfall

It's been over a month since Angie's post about spring tweed jackets, but yesterday at Zara, I found the perfect one for me. When I saw this textured, frayed topper, I fell in love. It's the perfect weight to wear instead of a light sweater, it matches my style, and it'll go with anything.

So I bought it, but it was expensive as Zara things go ($130) and I wasn't convinced I should spend the money.

Then I came home and opened a letter and found a check for $385 from Zara!! It was a class action settlement about how they printed full credit card numbers on sales receipts for a while. I'd filled out the paperwork then forgot all about it. I had no idea it would be so huge!! Holy cow. So I guess I'm keeping the jacket. Of course, I could spend the money elsewhere, but the coincidence seems too good to miss.

Incidentally, this is one of the first non-natural-fiber items I've bought - it's 1/3 cotton, 2/3 synthetic. I'm trying to relax my preference there. I have weird issues with texture (some soft synthetics make my skin crawl) but really, I'm limiting myself too much.


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