WIW to the rack, and men's shirt?

Here I am at the Rack, where I tried on a white shirt that was mis-filed into the women's section. It's a Theory men's shirt, size XS. I've really been liking the oversized white shirt look recently, but none of my shirts get the right stolen-from-my-guy look. When I tried this on, I realized maybe the key is to actually wear a men's shirt. What do you think? I love the fit aside from the sleeve length but I might be nuts.

Today's outfit is a FFBO that may have appeared here before: a mesh Club Monaco sweater, these oversized Zara jeans, and my Allsaints ankle boots. I'm glad it's chilly enough for long sleeves for once.


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Ask Angie: cropped tops and high waisted pants

With my long torso and short legs, high rise pants could be a great idea. But I am often at a loss for what to wear with higher rise trousers.

And, on the flip side, slightly cropped tops are everywhere this season. That seems like a good solution, but I can't quite make it work. My torso is long and a bare midriff isn't acceptable for work, so I have to be careful. Even mid-rise jeans are far too low on me for these tops.

So I'm in a bind. I would love to introduce both silhouettes into my wardrobe, but I never seem to find the right way to wear them.

I bought the lovely Banana Republic shirt in Finds below, then tried it with everything in my wardrobe and nothing quite looked right. Similarly, I'm not sure what to wear with the high-waisted Alice + Olivia trousers that I bought. They do work together, I think! A few other examples below.

I'd love to see ensembles that combine these shapes in interesting ways! Anyone have favorite inspiration photos or items? Do you all wear cropped tops?


The interview suit: advice needed! (K/R)

I have an interview for a faculty job next month. I'm going to wear a suit for the first day. I have a lovely Club Monaco black wool suit that has appeared on YLF before, but when I tried it on a few weeks ago, disaster! The pants were too small and the blazer is getting a bit tight.

So I started an orgy of pants-shopping. Then I tried the first pants on again yesterday, and they fit! I hope that persists for another month.

Now I have a few other options that I wanted opinions on, plus fit and length questions about the original pants. Everything is solid black, so in a few cases I adjusted the photos to make details more visible. I will probably wear my LD Tuttle ankle-strap d'orsay flats that are roughly the same as the shoes I'm wearing here.

1-4: Beloved old suit. Club Monaco "Abbie" blazer and "Meredith" pants. The pants are a touch tight in the butt but my boyfriend thinks they look perfectly work-appropriate. Do you agree? Should I shorten them? They were meant to be ankle length but I think this might be ok as is. The blazer probably looks better unbuttoned, as it's getting a tiny bit tight, now that I look at these photos. A shame, because until recently it was a fantastic fit.

5-9: Alice + Olivia "Anders" high-waisted wool slacks. I love the proportions on my waist, but I don't know about the length (should I alter them?) and the topheavy shape doesn't go as well with the long blazer. Keep or return? For the interview? For other use? I rarely wear wool slacks to work, but these are so nice.

10-12: These had such potential, but I think they're a no. Alice + Olivia "Arthur" pleated silk slacks. They're lovely, and I thought they'd be an interesting soft contrast to the blazer. I was all set to buy them from Saks when I found a pair used at Crossroads for $30! They're a 2, my size in all my other A+O pants, but in the photos I realize I'm swimming in them. Probably not worth buying the size down ($$$) for the interview, right?

13-14: A wildcard that will probably be returned: Theyskens' Theory silk blazer. Identical to a different wool blazer that I (and shedev) own, but somehow more fitted. Ignore the pants here. They were summarily rejected.

I also have to decide what to wear for the second day of the interview, and I have a few other wildcard options for either day. I also have two styles of Everlane wool slacks arriving tonight. But, I am leaning towards the original suit pants after all, unless I re-gain a few pounds before June.

Your opinions are greatly appreciated.


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