Thanksgiving packing failure

I just got back from a perfect Thanksgiving weekend in Tahoe with my family. The food was wonderful, the company was wonderful... and I packed so incorrectly.

My family vacations are always hiking and camping. We don't go out to restaurants. We don't go into town. We spend all day hiking (which I love) and all evening sitting in front of the fireplace with wine and conversation. My retired parents live in hiking pants and hiking shirts at home, and even more so on vacation. I know all this.

And yet... I was so excited for winter weather, but I packed for a winter version of my usual city life! I brought Doc Martens, but not my heavy hiking boots (we hiked each day, including one serious day-long hike). I did bring one outdoorsy Smartwool top, but I forgot my rain/wind parka. I brought light leather gloves, not at all suitable for winter outdoors. The docs were actually quite comfortable for hiking (and I got more than one comment from other hikers saying how cool it was to see someone hiking in docs) and I was warm enough, so I suppose it's not a true packing failure.

I did enjoy the cold. I got to wear my new heavy cardigan, and also an Angie pick sweater I bought last year but can only wear on trips away from SF because it's too warm for SF. My mother really liked the sweater.

My birthday gifts included two giftcards to REI, so I can stock up on serious hiking clothes. I used to do a lot of backpacking, but I've become so citified over the past few years. I was happy to be reminded how much I like hiking, but occasionally I wish I had a family that wanted to dress up for holidays!

I hope all your Thanksgiving celebrations were fabulous and your packing choices were better than mine. Do your clothing preferences line up with your families'?