Color quest: pastel neon lime

Last year I added some pastel pink and lilac to my closet, as an accent against black denim. 

This year, I was captivated by the neon lime green trend. Street style blogs have lots of bright neon accents. The color I'm thinking of is somewhere between yellow and green, and highlighter-bright. I especially like the look I've seen of a neon turtleneck peeking out under a black shirt.

The problem is, I dislike how that neon color looks on me, especially near my face. After trying several options, I've realized that I should shift towards a more pastel interpretation, just like the pink and lilac. And, like those other pastels, it should be on the cooler side. No hint of chartreuse. The bolder colors are mostly found as synthetics (dye chemistry, I imagine), but I'd prefer cotton and it should be fine for this toned-down option.

Now I'm having trouble finding tops in this color. I did find one perfect option... a $300 hoodie by Acne. So that's out of the question. But I'd love to find a cotton turtleneck or a hoodie in this color. If you happen to find something that's exactly this color, feel free to share!

Part of me finds it hilarious that I've added so much pastel to my wardrobe after decades of black. But I love the contrast, and it really is better on me than bright colors!


Buttondown bonanza (K/R)

Hi all - I’ve been super busy with my new job but I stopped by the mall this weekend and found many shirts. Some are from the Uniqlo U spring collection that just launched (and sold out instantly). Others are Gap or BR. With markdowns, all were quite affordable. I wear a lot of buttoned shirts but I don’t need this many more! So I thought I’d see what people thought of them, then choose a few to keep.

1. Uniqlo U tunic. I love it. It’s oversized, but so drapey and light that in person it doesn’t overwhelm me. I think I’ll call it JFE and keep it, but the photos reveal that it’s a bit larger than I realized.

2. Uniqlo U stretch shirt. Really interesting shape. Love it, might never wear it because it’s a little more refined than my usual, though I wear a lot of white shirts these days.

3. Banana Republic Quinn oxford. I like how casual this is - goes well with my all-jeans lifestyle. Lacking some pizazz compared to the others but I like the modern cropped boxy fit. But I have another boxy oxford so this is first on the chopping block.

4. Gap denim shirt: first shown in S, then XS. Which size is better? A denim shirt is a HEWI and this is the best I’ve found in years of looking but I wonder how I’d style it to look more put together.

5. Banana Republic Parker silk tunic, on super discount. Is the tunic style a good look for me? I do wear a lot of silk shirts and one is nearing the end of its life...

6. Not button down: silk tee, also super discount from BR. I had to size up to accommodate my chest so the end result is way too big if I don’t tuck it in. But good when tucked in high rise jeans I think?


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