Happily joining the apocalypse crowd

I have a huge grin on my face seeing so many of you have fun with Angie's ensemble today. Some of you are already queens of this look. Some of you have secret stashes of draped black layers I didn't know about! Some of you are pushing yourself in a fun temporary direction. But it just looks like SO MUCH FUN and I'm in a great mood now.

I usually go more for the crisp, structured version of draped avant garde, rather than the muted chaos of the real post-apocalyptic look, but there are elements of it in my look, too. My Burning Man friends actually just went to a weekend-long Max Max-inspired campout in the desert, and the photos looked amazing.

I was in a rush this morning, but luckily, draped avant-garde layers are a staple of my closet. So here's my contribution: R13 crossover jeans, Allsaints ankle boots, Gap v-neck tee, Allsaints Drina cardigan (lemming!), Theyskens Theory biker jacket.

Bonus: you can see the results of my office decorating! I finally feel settled in, two years into the job. As you can see, my decor style is not post-apocalyptic in the least. My home's style is more modern minimalist with a lot of white, but this dreary office needed something to brighten it.


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My Uniqlo x Lemaire items - what do you think?

After my heartbreak over how quickly the Uniqlo Lemaire collaboration sold out, I stalked the website for a day and found all the items I'd wanted!

In the end... I'm not in love. I've gained a few pounds relative to my older WIW posts, but even so, these clothes do me no favors. But some do have promise. What do you think? Keep or return?

All but the gaucho pants are made from the same Milano rib merino wool. Thick, warm, but not too warm for my climate, I think. The gauchos are a bulky wool melton.

1-2: Rib knit skirt. I did buy a lot of skirts recently, but I've been wearing them a lot. I don't usually go for this midi length but it would look nice over my tall, smooth boots.

3-4: Long knit jacket. 

5-7: Draped cape. It's a odd shape, a rectangle with no head slit or shoulder shaping, but I found two ways to wear it. I can't picture wearing it often as my main outer layer, but it might be perfect for sitting in my chilly office. So, basically, do I want an $80 wool rectangle?

8-9: Gaucho pant. They are not actually lantern-shaped - they need to be steamed, and then the side of the leg will fall straight. I'm completely sold on this silhouette, but I might prefer a lighter fabrication, like the cropped wool trousers I saw at J Crew.

I've left my opinions on fit/appearance out, to see what others think. Should I keep any?


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