Buttoned down boy (wiw)

A few people posted about button down (button up...) shirts and I thought I'd wear one today. This is a men's flannel shirt from Uniqlo, XS. It may not be to everyone's taste but I love the fit, though I have to roll the sleeves. It has room for my wide shoulders. My arms can move freely. And it doesn't puff out in front as much as the women's "boyfriend" shirts I own. So I guess the best way for me to get the stolen-from-the-boys effect is to do that, literally. (The shirt also fits my guy perfectly.)

By the way, for the fastidious wordsmiths, this one is literally a button down (the collar buttons) but regardless, I decided ages ago that I like the common usage of "button down" to mean a shirt with buttons.

I only wish my arms were longer so I could wear men's shirts with sleeves unrolled!


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Wardrobe maintenance pays off

Angie's reminder to prep our wardrobes for fall was well-timed. I'd been carting around a bag of things to bring to the cleaners for ages, so I finally made time to do it.

I also brought in a bag of clothing in need of minor repairs. I knew my cleaner could fix them more elegantly than I could. My favorite skinny jeans had a hole. They were new with tags at a consignment store because they had a small puncture on one leg, $50 instead of $300. But the tiny hole got bigger over time, and I never got around to fixing it. I also brought in a pile of sweaters with holes and torn seams.

I got it all back and it's all the benefit of shopping at a fraction of the price. All the repairs are perfect, too. Today's outfit is things I hadn't worn in ages because they were awaiting repairs: the R13 skinnies and a thrifted Club Monaco sweater that had pulled apart at the armpit. I like the outfit. With the sandals, it might be better with the jeans rolled, but that made my legs look really short...

Also, a year ago I posted looking for dramatic minimal sandals. I finally found them this spring! I don't think I've posted them here. These are handmade by a California brand called Cydwoq. They fit my very strange feet as if they were built for me. The high strap across the top doesn't rest on my "foot bump" where my metatarsals hit my foot at an extreme angle. Pressure on that joint hurts after a few hours, so it really limits what shoes I can wear. It might be more flattering to have the strap placed further along my foot, but I don't care, because I can actually wear these!


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Fashion icon challenge: Ines de la Fressange

Ines isn't one of my usual inspirations, but I love her style. (Her Uniqlo collab is pretty great too!) As I got dressed this morning, haphazardly, I realized I could add a few touches and channel her look.

The basics, what I was going to wear anyway, are the Joie metallic linen top and R13 boyfriend jeans (which are too big).

I added this old silk scarf that I love, a skinny belt, and tucked my shirt instead of wearing it out. The oxfords are a more Ines look than the combat boots I originally meant to wear. And my new smartwool socks add a little bit of hipster flair, I think, though I usually wear the oxfords with no socks and that might be better.

Does Ines come through at all?

(The jeans really are too big. Le sigh.)


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Duplicating and sizing up

Over the last few years, I've curated what feels like my dream closet. I have a few special items that really feel like "me." It's been a great process of refining my style and learning when it's worth spending money on the perfect thing.

But things also change: 

My size, particularly. I'm two jeans sizes bigger than when I joined YLF.

And my style changes, too, shifting along with the overall trends. Three years ago my FFBO was skinnies and a slim tunic; now I'm more likely to wear looser jeans and a structured top.

So here's the dilemma: If a truly iconic favorite item doesn't fit, or is at risk of not fitting, should I get another copy in a larger size?

In particular, my R13 crossover jeans in waxed black denim. They're amazing. They are so me. They fit, but they're getting a little tight at the waist. And someone is selling one size up on ebay for quite a good price ($50; they're $325 new). I worry that by the time I actually outgrow mine, they won't be sold anywhere. But then again, I worry that by the time I outgrow them, my fashion preferences will have shifted away!

It's not just the jeans; I'm also considering duplicating my favorite winter jacket one size up, so that it fits over bulky sweaters. TheRealReal has been a great source of items from a few years ago in different sizes. But I don't want to fossilize my fashion choices!

What would you do?