An excellent trip to the Rack!

One day recently I took a break from working nonstop and, er, shopped nonstop. I had amazing luck at Nordstrom Rack in particular. I haven't posted many WIWs in a long time because I've been frustrated with taking photos in a badly-lit mirror, but my boyfriend was lovely and took all these for me today.

1. Alexander Wang silk dress. Black silk sleeveless shirtdresses and blouses are definitely my thing. But I already have one from Equipment (also Rack!) that is a FFBO. I wasn't going to buy this (at $120 it's expensive for me) but my boyfriend loves it and looking at the photos, I see what he means. It has this super-cool cape thing that's actually a tube coming off a hole in the back. Keep?

2. Theory cotton shirt dress. I had a shirt dress on my list (though I was also considering white, not black) and this one fits so well. It's the same cotton/nylon as the Theory dress shirts that hold their shape and don't wrinkle. Could be a go-to piece, and it also looks good over slim black jeans. But, do I really need two new dresses? (Also expensive-ish, at $100).

3. This is a definite keep. Helmut Lang wool smoking tux jacket with cut-off sleeves (raw edges). I would wear a top under it in real life but I wore it on its own to show the cool cropped back. This was a super-duper bargain and I cut the tags off as soon as I got home. Styled with my new (long! blue!) Gap jeans.

4. This was thrifted, not Rack: a Reed Krakoff shirt at Crossroads for ridiculously cheap. Ideas on what to wear it with? It's gray wool suiting fabric.

I am so excited to see the photos because each item looks a bit different than I'd thought from the mirror. It's especially useful for thinking about skirt lengths, which I'm bad at. Are these shirt dresses ok lengths to wear with bare legs?


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WI(want to)W: the new jeans

After yesterday's jeans question, I had an inspiration and went back to get one size bigger in the regular length so they'd sit lower on my hips. (The long length was a bit too long without cutting it, and the regular length are a lot cheaper than the long length, also, so I'm a little biased towards making them work if I can.) So, do these work? I haven't cut the tags yet and I'm not thrilled with today's outfit - I think I should ditch the belt, for one thing.

(thrifted Helmut Lang cardigan, Fluevog oxfords in photos 1+2 because I need to walk a lot today, Sixtyseven vince knockoffs in 3+4)


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Blue jeans and hello again

I've missed you all! Work kicked into high gear and I've had an amazingly fun and productive month. I hadn't realized how long it had been - and then I noticed that I'd lost all my little karma icons or whatever we call them here!

I wish I had a WIW to post, but not today. My style's been shifting a little looser and more casual, now that it's sandal weather.

I didn't shop at all last month, and then I realized I'd gained a few pounds in my thighs and I hated wearing all my too-tight jeans (except the huge R13s, of course!) So this week has been epic jeans-shopping, resulting in one new-new pair (BLUE jeans from the Gap, my first non-black/grey jeans in years) and one perfect thrifted pair (black CoH straight leg). I sized up intentionally in the Gap real straight jeans for a stolen-from-my-boyfriend look. I am so impressed by Gap's jeans.

And of course combing the stores for jeans meant I picked up a handful of other things too, notably a perfect Theory shirtdress from the new Nordstrom Rack that opened in downtown SF. (Micro-review: the older one on Brannan St still gets all the actual designer stuff, but the new one has a solid selection of high-end brands like Vince and Helmut Lang). And I think I found the perfect jumpsuit online (a HEWI) but I won't know til it arrives.

I'm starting to realize I have more clothing than I ever wear, so I need to be better about working things into the rotation and not buying more than I'll wear.