Blue jeans and hello again

I've missed you all! Work kicked into high gear and I've had an amazingly fun and productive month. I hadn't realized how long it had been - and then I noticed that I'd lost all my little karma icons or whatever we call them here!

I wish I had a WIW to post, but not today. My style's been shifting a little looser and more casual, now that it's sandal weather.

I didn't shop at all last month, and then I realized I'd gained a few pounds in my thighs and I hated wearing all my too-tight jeans (except the huge R13s, of course!) So this week has been epic jeans-shopping, resulting in one new-new pair (BLUE jeans from the Gap, my first non-black/grey jeans in years) and one perfect thrifted pair (black CoH straight leg). I sized up intentionally in the Gap real straight jeans for a stolen-from-my-boyfriend look. I am so impressed by Gap's jeans.

And of course combing the stores for jeans meant I picked up a handful of other things too, notably a perfect Theory shirtdress from the new Nordstrom Rack that opened in downtown SF. (Micro-review: the older one on Brannan St still gets all the actual designer stuff, but the new one has a solid selection of high-end brands like Vince and Helmut Lang). And I think I found the perfect jumpsuit online (a HEWI) but I won't know til it arrives.

I'm starting to realize I have more clothing than I ever wear, so I need to be better about working things into the rotation and not buying more than I'll wear.

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  • Aubergine replied 10 years ago

    Nice to see you again! There's nothing worse than too-tight jeans, is there? The new stuff all sounds great.

  • Jaime replied 10 years ago

    Nice to hear from you and I like the name karma icons. Will wait as patiently as possible to see your spring looks and new finds. 

  • Gigi replied 10 years ago

    Welcome back! I'm glad to see that your style has still been developing, even though you've been busy at work. I can't wait to see your new purchases!

  • Neel replied 10 years ago

    I love the sound of all your purchases! Can't wait to see them on you. And welcome back!

  • CocoLion replied 10 years ago

    So good to have you back.  I like how you get right in there and buy clothes to suit a bit of figure change.  I understand this, I put on a few this past winter during our restaurant's winter closure.  I was also on some medication that made me put on a few pounds.  Fortunately I had some jeans in a bigger size to get me through those few months.

    As for clothing excess, I try to purge quickly these days.  Either via eBay or donations to my local charity organization.  Waiting too long means it will not sell quickly at either place.  Let it go, let it go, let it go.  Another thing, though, is that it is OK to have a big wardrobe!  We tend to think we only need one or at the most two year-round wardrobes in California.  But it's ok to crave different colors and fabrics.  I am pulling out my light colored sweaters and jackets, which I can only wear for about 4 weeks until it's already too hot (too cold before that -- I have more seasons being inland in the mountains).  I'm so enjoying wearing them!  Even though the season is short.

  • Lantana replied 10 years ago

    Karma icons, I like that.
    Looking forward to seeing your latest style when you have the time.

  • viva replied 10 years ago

    Can't wait to see the Theory shirtdress! Welcome back!!!

  • LACeleste replied 10 years ago

    Missed you!  Welcome back!

  • Laura (rhubarbgirl) replied 10 years ago

    Omg, you're wearing blue! ;) glad you're back around.

  • annagybe replied 10 years ago

    Welcome back.

  • Janet replied 10 years ago

    Glad you're back! Looking forward to seeing your new pieces in action.

  • Janet replied 10 years ago

    The Karma Icons sound a little bit like a hippie indie band.

  • Beth Ann replied 10 years ago

    Spring fashion is particularly satisfying after a long winter like this one!  Sounds like you've found some foundational pieces that will kick off your season well!

    Now, if only spring will come to Chicago, I can bust out my sandals, too!

  • Runcarla replied 10 years ago

    Missed you my red headed sister! Figured it was a work thing and kept my fingers crossed! You'll get your icons back in no time!

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