WIW: wide leg jeans, on the road

A few months ago I found some great wide leg jeans. But of course they were like a foot too long on me. I finally got them hemmed and I'm so happy with them! Perfect for the conference I'm at on Long Island.

Another few wide leg options arrived in the mail last week. I'd like a cropped version but we'll see how that looks on me. Photos when I get back home!

I was so proud of my packing job (a full week of outfits in my tiny carry on - mix and match rather than statements) but the forecast keeps getting warmer. All the lightweight, packable merino layers I brought are too warm! I'll be fine though. I brought 3 pairs of jeans with very different silhouettes, and plenty of layering tees, so with my leather jacket I'm set for warmer weather too without feeling too boring. I'll still need the heavier things when I go to Rochester at the end of the week.

The perfect mix and match packing list (all black except as noted):
3 jeans (wide leg, skinny, crossover)
6 tees (white and black)
merino cardigan and pullover
silk v-neck pullover
short sleeve wool pullover
silk buttoned shirt
white buttoned shirt
ankle boots
leather jacket
wool coat
2 light wool scarves


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I just came across this mini-trend and I'm surprisingly captivated.

I've seen dickeys here and there this past year -- the fake shirt collars that you add under a sweater. I'm not a huge fan; they often seem too twee. But I'm bizarrely in love with Veronica Beard's interpretation. They have a line of different blazers and interchangeable dickeys that button in: a lace hoodie, a heavy cable knit, a down puffer. 

I haven't been wearing blazers much recently but I love how this pulls the athleisure trend in to make a blazer more casual.

I added a few to Finds but Nordstrom has a whole range of them. I imagine you could mix and match, changing up one jacket with a few looks. If you could afford them... these are all $600 for the jacket and $250 for the dickey! Still, there's room for DIY versions, or just layering a light lace hoodie under my classic boyfriend blazer.

What do you all think? 

(Edit: I searched and realized these must have been around a while, as a few of you were excited about the coat during the NAS. I guess I'm behind the trend!)


Jackets: sleeves too long, sleeves too short!

Jacket 1
I've wanted a lightweight bomber all year. But because I obsess about silly things, I wanted it to be wool suiting fabric. And then I found one just like that, by DKNY, and not only that, but it's a CAPE! Or a cape/jacket hybrid. I stalked it, bought one at a discount that was a size too big, returned it, and gave up months ago.

Then last week I wandered into the Rack when I should have been preparing for my interview, and I found it. In my size. For way less than anywhere else. Amazing! And it fits, and it is oh so cool. But I'm really not sure I should keep it for two reasons:

1. It's a statement item, and some of my statements never get used. They're too specific for daily use. But in this case I think it works well with any sleeveless top and jeans (my usual)? Still, I might be better off getting the cheap, stylish Uniqlo jacket (in finds) instead - or maybe I'd never wear that because it's too basic!

2. The sleeves are too long, as usual. They look great when my arms are through the cape slits (photos 1 & 2), but they look silly worn as sleeves (photo 3). Do you think a good tailor could shorten the sleeves? Also, I hate the feeling of ribbed cuffs on my wrists (...weird quirk) so maybe I'd just keep my arms out of the sleeves.

Jacket 2
This cropped moto jacket from Madewell... the salesgirl thought it was great on me, because my arms are so short that the cropped sleeves are almost normal. But you and I know that the sleeves are actually 1-2" too short and I think it just looks a little off? Not intentional enough. I didn't buy it but I snapped some photos for inspiration -- I think the cropped waist might actually be a good fit for me, but I don't usually consider it. (Those are my R13 crossover jeans, and the extra volume in front looks extra funny with the cropped jacket.)


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A new basic (WIW)

For years my FFBO was a silk sleeveless shirt, skinnies, and a drapey waterfall cardigan. I've drifted away from the waterfall cardigans -- styles change, and I can't seem to find one that fits the way I want. But the alternatives didn't seem better -- I've always had a poison eye for 'boyfriend' cardigans for myself, even as they became trendy. I think because I don't see myself as preppy and I associate the look with that style. Anyway, with all that, my old FFBO hasn't been such a fallback the past year or so.

Then I was at Crossroads Trading (used clothing) and found this J Crew cardigan in mint condition and tried it on. I love it! It flatters my shape more than a big draped cardigan (I prefer de-emphasizing my chest). And the pockets stand open with a bit of structure that adds some distinct style to the look. And for $16, it can't be beat! I think this will get a lot of use this year, though it's getting too warm for merino. So here's what I wore today, just a basic outfit that I can repeat again and again. (It would be better with a collared shirt open at the neck, rather than this neckline, but that's ok.)

I wonder why I had such a negative opinion until I tried it. It's such a simple basic that it's hard to see why I'd object. And I wonder if this means I'm shifting back towards closer fits.

(Edit: Yikes, I'm pretty sure my silk shirt isn't that see through in normal light. I hope!)


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My faculty interview clothing! Decision time.

I have a faculty job interview at an med school in New York, on Wednesday and Thursday. Eek. Luckily most of my interview capsule still fits and I have a lot of good options. I just need to decide today before I fly out tomorrow morning.

Job talks are the only time you'll see a biologist in a suit, and a suit can be overkill, especially in the basic research departments that are full of mad scientist types who wear jeans and old t-shirts to lab. My friend there said most candidates didn't wear suits - but I'm not sure he'd notice what someone wore! As a woman I have a lot of leeway to wear what I want, but I also have to think about blending in (there are no women in this department yet, which I know they're trying to improve!).

So my goal is:

  1. True to my personal aesthetic
  2. Something I feel confident and relaxed in
  3. Snazzy but not standing out too much


  1. I do not have time to hem or alter anything. :(
  2. I'll wear my hair down as in these photos, and just a touch of makeup
  3. On Wednesday it will be 60 degrees(!) so I can wear open shoes, but I'll have ankle boots in case of rain.
  4. These photos are awful, sorry!

Option 1 (photos 1-4): This is my default.

  • Everlane wool trousers (need a good steaming, which I will do at the hotel)
  • Milly silk shell (omg I love this HEWI, found at Crossroads last month)
  • Theyskens wool blazer
  • LD Tuttle shoes

The trousers are too big but the silhouette under the jacket is better than other black trousers in my wardrobe. I like the slim cut of the legs. I plan to keep the jacket on.

Option 2 (5-8): 
Same, with grey wool Rag & Bone trousers. I found these at the Rack for $40 and they fit quite well (other than the length? which is passable). I'm not sure I like the black jacket, grey trousers combo. I only wear black normally, so I actually feel uncomfortable in this outfit. But the all-black suit in option 1 is also rather stark, so perhaps this is a nice way to tone it down.

Option 3 (9-10):
Same, with R13 jeans. Friends in similar departments say the jeans would be fine, but I understand why you all said no on this. The appeal here is that the skinny legs work very well with the bold, wide jacket; with wider pants, the jacket just makes me look larger than I am.

Day 2 (11-12):
This is what I'm wearing for the second day of the interview, meeting with all the faculty individually. R13 crossover jeans, Uniqlo silk shirt, Allsaints ankle boots. Also adding my favorite dressy cardigan because it'll be cold, but I accidentally deleted that photo.

Random other things:
I am not going to wear a skirt (it's a bad idea, fair or not), but I like these looks. The silk DeMeulemeester skirt needs to be steamed. The wool skirt is another Rag & Bone Rack score, also $40, and I love it so much that I'm keeping it even if I never need a professional skirt.


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