Vintage high rise reprise [mom jeans]

Last week I posted about my quest for high rise, 80s/90s style jeans. I enjoy the look but it’s been hard to find the right ones, especially because my waist is really high and my tummy is sensitive to pressure.

As I said on my cowboy boots post, I’ve also found it hard to build outfits around these that aren’t boring. Shoes are one key. I’ve found some great cropped tees but they can look a little plain. Cropped or tucked oxford shirts are another option that I should explore.

Here are two outfits from this week.

[Edit to match the order of photos]

The first (photos 1 + 2, today's outfit) is Agolde Jamie jeans in a faded grey wash that I love. Again, they look great here but by the end of the day they’re stretched out - I broke my cotton rule and they’re 20% lyocell. Worn with a disappointing Everlane box cut tee (fabric is too soft and light), J Crew sleeveless cardigan, and old Allsaints pointed boots that almost fill the role of the cowboy boots I’m craving.

The second outfit (photo 3) is the Levi’s wedgie jean, the sample pair I found. This pair is 10% elasterell(?). Better for comfort, but sadly by the end of the day they bag out and sit almost on my hips for a very different look. Worn with a Uniqlo cropped tee in a nice heavy cotton, and J Crew kids’ oxfords.

Not photographed yet:

Both of these were thrifted and yesterday I hit pay dirt at Crossroads again: a pair of Re/done Originals that fit perfectly and don’t seem likely to stretch. I’ll post pics once I’ve washed them. Re/done started as a high end brand that remakes vintage Levi’s but at some point they realized they could recreate them themselves - vintage Levi’s aren’t a renewable resource! Anyway, at $55 they were a lot for second hand jeans, especially with my growing pile of not quite perfect jeans, but I have high hopes.

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  • Thistle replied 5 years ago

    You rock those jeans!!

  • CocoLion replied 5 years ago

    I'm trying to match the pictures with the descriptions and am a little confused.  Are 1 and 2 the same jeans?  

    I'm not sure if the third picture is of the jeans that stretch out but whatever the case they look amazing on you.  They look a bit shorter in the rise than pictures 1 and 2 and that rise suits you beautifully.  I also like the leg shape and length for you.

  • replied 5 years ago

    I almost never like sleeveless cardigans or dusters but outfit 2 looks amazing on you & I actually really like the cardigan.

  • Sal replied 5 years ago

    This shape really suits you - I hope the new pair works.

    I have two pairs of high waisted jeans and have also struggled with tops. I have tucked a bit. Cool shoes are definitely the key!!

  • Sara L. replied 5 years ago

    I think outfit #2 is great.  The long sweater adds a lot of drama.  I hear you on trying to keep your outfits from being boring and I think your idea of interesting shoes is spot on.  That's generally my thought process.  Oh, and accessories - I always wear a necklace or bracelet for that reason.

    The jeans in #3 look like a great fit.  I hope they end up keeping their shape better than the first two pairs.

  • Suz replied 5 years ago

    I really love the AGoldes on you. Agree with Denise that in the photo, the cut looks excellent for you. I hope you find the perfect pair. I'm learning that it is not easy. 

  • Angie replied 5 years ago

    You OWN this look. Love it on you.

  • Aida replied 5 years ago

    Too bad both pairs bag out, they start out looking super. I especially like the long duster vest outfit. Fingers crossed on the new pairs.

  • Greyscale replied 5 years ago

    Oh no, the photos got added in the wrong order! Oops! To clarify: Photos 1 & 2 are the Agolde jeans, with and without duster. Photo 3 is the Levi's. I haven't had a chance to photograph the new Re/done jeans yet.

    Sorry, I've been posting from my phone because my laptop was in the shop but it's back now, and working.

  • replied 5 years ago

    I agree with Angie. You are doing this look really well - not too retro and childish looking .  Love it.  And the height of your ceilings!! Wow - what  great apartment/house too. 

  • UmmLila (Lisa) replied 5 years ago

    I like the color of the Agolde jeans a lot -- the fit looks good there and in the other pair you show, but it's a hard balance to find a pair that both doesn't slide down and doesn't pinch at the waist.

  • Jaime replied 5 years ago

    The first pair look smashing on you. 

  • Jessikams replied 5 years ago

    Hmm, I too worry about my new jeans, that they will stretch over the day and end up on my hips. Do you think it’s ok to wear a belt with this kind of jean? I don’t see anybody else wearing belts.

  • Greyscale replied 5 years ago

    I debated the same thing this morning and decided against it... I don’t see many people wearing belts either. But definitely in the 90s we did so maybe we can bring it back (I remember a lot of black leather belts with western-inspired silver points on the end). I don’t really like the constricting feeling of belts though.

  • kkards replied 5 years ago

    love both of these looks, especially the 2nd the stretching out, i would add a belt if the pants are slipping to much, or i saw a  you tube video that added a hidden elestic into the waist band, its an interesting idea that i'm thinking about (i can't DIY, but i was thinking of suggesting it to my tailor)...

    (not the best video, but i like the idea)

  • Lesley replied 5 years ago

    You do make a good case for Mom jeans!

    (I tried on a wide-leg pair today that had a definite Mom rise... but I think I need to go petite for Mom jeans... that rise is just too long for me!)

  • Bijou replied 5 years ago

    People like you are the reason that these jeans are now cool - so fab and I hope the right cowboy boots find their way to you.

  • Style Fan replied 5 years ago

    These jeans look so amazing on you.  I am still searching for a pair of mom jeans.  Very unfortunate that they stretch out.

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