My NAS win: those Converse wedges

I was out of the country for the beginnings of the NAS, so I wasn't really following along. But a few of your posts caught my eye, so I made a small wish list and went to Nordstrom on my way to work today.

The things I wanted to check out (in Finds below):
Topshop black denim shirt
Dr Marten Emmeline boots
Eileen Fisher long vest
Converse shroud wedges

The boots are nice but I'm not in love. They'd need a lot of breaking in (like classic Docs). The store didn't have the Topshop shirt in my ideal size, but I don't think it would fit regardless. My shoulders are too broad to get the right drape on the shoulder.

The EF vest is AMAZING. I'm not a petite, but in EF sometimes those are the right size, and sure enough the petite version fit me perfectly except a little short in the torso. It's lovely and so me... but I can't justify spending that much on a 3rd piece I wouldn't wear often. I wish I had photos because you'd all probably say I should buy it.

And then the Converse, which I came home with. The web site said they were sold out everywhere in 6.5, so I was thrilled to see that the floor model was my size! I snapped them up before someone else could. But I can't decide about keeping them.

Pros: They are wicked cool. They fit very comfortably. They are quite inexpensive for the wow factor.

Cons: I don't wear heels in general. I don't know if my feet are up to it these days (but they did feel quite comfortable). I've never been sold on the hoof-like black wedge look, and wedge sneakers have been around long enough that they might be on their way out, and these are exactly the sort of fun gimmicky item that might look very dated in a while. Also, because of my instep, I can't zip them up all the way, but I actually prefer the layered look that creates.

But they're SO COOL. I really don't know. I'll go home and style them.

To complicate it, I found that Converse makes a flat version too:
but somehow they just don't have nearly the same impact.

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  • shedev replied 3 years ago

    I bought these and had to return them. They were really uncomfortable on my foot shape. I'm glad they work for you.

  • AviaMariah replied 3 years ago

    I think they're really cool and you should style them and post some pics.  Also, walk around in them quite a bit since you're not used to wearing heels.  That might be deal breaker.

  • viva replied 3 years ago

    Those are pretty cool looking wedges that I can see working with your style, but I think a comfort test is a good idea. Congrats on being so restrained re: the vest! I might have jumped.

  • Angie replied 3 years ago

    Yay. The Cons are a top pick, as so is the TS denim shirt. See how you feel after a styling session, and keep us posted on the verdict. 

    I found these very '90s boots quite comfy too: 

  • Elle replied 3 years ago

    I think the style is very cool and, although it's been around a while, won't date quickly.  But since you don't usually wear heels, I'd try wearing them for an hour or so around the house to see how your feet feel.  Comfort is key....

  • Joyce B replied 3 years ago

    I agree with Elle, it's a good idea to test them out at home.

  • catgirl replied 3 years ago

    I want to see them styled!

  • Greyscale replied 3 years ago

    I'll add some styling photos tomorrow!

  • CocoLion replied 3 years ago

    Even though the hidden wedge boot/sneaker has been around for a few seasons there is just something about these that feels updated.  The zipper maybe?  I hope they do work.

  • La Belle Demimondaine replied 3 years ago

    I admit, those Chucks have been haunting me, and I wear a 6.5!  I can't wait to see how you style them - and I think I may pop in to my local Nordie's and see if they still have them.

  • smittie replied 3 years ago

    Oh, I think they're really cool! Fun without being in-your-face.
    Given the good price, I think it's safe to add something trendy to your wardrobe, especially since you have a mostly (entirely?) undate-able wardrobe.

  • rachylou replied 3 years ago

    They are really good looking. I saw them yesterday... They're a good buy in my book.

  • Greyscale replied 3 years ago

    Rachy, do you happen to know if your Nordstrom had them in a 7? I'm pretty sure the 6.5 is good but I am irrationally afraid that the size up might be better. I have enough shoes I've misjudged that I want to be cautious... I didn't actually check if the downtown store had a 7, when I bought these, because I was so sure they were sold out in all sizes.

  • dashielle (Ann) replied 3 years ago

    I tried them too (in white to be different) and found that the grommets for the laces hit the bony joint of my big toe in a bad spot, but then I have wide feet. Get them if you like them, they're fun!

  • Greyscale replied 3 years ago

    The white ones are fantastic! My store was sold out of them so I didn't see them in person but if I weren't so tied to black, I think I'd actually prefer the white.

    I haven't had a chance to wear them around the house but things like the grommets rubbing are definitely a concern, so I'll pay attention to that. I had to loosen the laces all the way to fit my high-volume feet, but I think they're ok now.

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