Finite space for shoes

I kept the Born flats from last week's question. I wore them with my orthotics and they are, indeed, amazingly comfortable.

But the shoes had unintended consequences! My shoe collection outgrew its home. I don't have a closet - I use a corner of our large bedroom for two clothes racks, and my shoes are all lined up along the wall underneath. With this newest addition, I finally realized I'd moved from "spare, minimal design" to just plain cluttered.

Enter Ikea, the solution to all storage problems. I found a little metal cabinet that looks like an old card catalog, if your library were furnished by Scandinavian designers. Now nine pairs of shoes live in drawers perfectly sized for them. (Side note - I absolutely love assembling Ikea furniture.)

My parents arrive tomorrow for a week's visit and it motivated me to de-clutter the rest of the house. Among other things, I realized my clothes racks were too full as well, so I begrudgingly moved my dresses to the spare bedroom closet. I apparently own 15 dresses. For someone who doesn't wear dresses, that's rather startling! I like them all, though. I hold onto special occasion dresses for quite a while in case a need arises. I do have a few casual dresses I want to make sure I wear often, so I hope they don't get forgotten.

I feel like buying furniture for my shoes might be a sign of a problem. I'm not worried, though. I'll just make a point of wearing all my shoes often, to justify it!

Here's a photo of the "after". I didn't think to capture the "before".

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  • Diana replied 3 years ago

    Shoes are the only item I do a seasonal swap for. They do take up a ton of room, and I at least need to have them out in the open to remember they exist. I have two shoe racks, one in a dark corner of my coat closet for out of season shoes and one that we built into one end of the entry hallway where the current season shoes live. (Dress shoes are stored away elsewhere.). I really like your shoe "catalog"! I might have to look into getting one for myself.

  • Firecracker replied 3 years ago

    What a beautiful storage system you have. Everything looks so neat and the color scheme so cohesive--the black is very calm and collected looking.

  • Laura (rhubarbgirl) replied 3 years ago

    This looks really lovely.

    Being a size 10, I've found that often cubbies designed to hold shoes won't actually fit mine...they're too big.

  • Greyscale replied 3 years ago

    Yes, these drawers would hardly work for shoes bigger than mine (6.5). I was wearing my clunkiest Dr Martens at IKEA and I tested to see if they'd fit. Just barely. I think it's meant as bathroom storage or something, not shoes.

  • jackiec replied 3 years ago

    That is one cool looking cabinet! Well done. actually like assembling that stuff? oh boy...  ;)

  • shevia replied 3 years ago

    My son is the master of Ikea assembly around here. I won't touch the stuff. I love the look of your storage cabinet, although I was mortified by the title of your thread.

  • Joy replied 3 years ago

    I understand your need to make room for shoes. It is the hardest item for me to get rid of if they are comfortable and not worn out. I also change shoes even during the day for foot health. My storage solution is to "file" them in under-the-bed flat boxes by type for easy access. The boxes reach to nearly the middle of a queen sized bed, so DH has his own under bed space. My few pairs of kitten heels are each in their own box stacked under hanging clothes in my closet.
    Your racks and new shoe cabinet are attractive and everything looks organized.

  • Beth Ann replied 3 years ago

    I think your minimalist color palette makes for alovely display.  No worries!

  • AJ replied 3 years ago

    Your wardrobe looks so tidy and curated!

    We also used IKEA for a shoe storage problem. We have a no shoe policy at home, but the shoes never seem to make it to the hall closet. So Bissa to the rescue! My 11 and 14 yr olds assembled it quickly.

  • replied 3 years ago

    See , this is what I want. A white room with a rolling rack with carefully selected pieces of clothing reflecting my cool urban life . Shoes carefully lined up beneath. Somehow I'm not there yet. Laugh , or cry? :)

  • Brooklyn replied 3 years ago

    Yes, I am with Lisa. This space looks so cool, beautiful and totally unattainable for me :) Love the new filing cabinet for your shoes. If only there was something similar for boots. I have so many and they are so hard to store! They are scattered throughout the house. Not cool at all.

  • catgirl replied 3 years ago

    Your system looks like a boutique I want to shop in!

  • rachylou replied 3 years ago

    My gosh, your storage is so artistic! I tried to toss magazines today and completely failed. Let's not talk about MY shoes... Lol

  • Astrid replied 3 years ago

    That looks fantastic! Love the card catalogue vibe. I enjoy assembling Ikea furniture too. ;-)

  • replied 3 years ago

    Cool! Great storage. And AJ's too!

  • CocoLion replied 3 years ago

    Very nice.  If you ever need supplemental income there are people like me who will hire you to assemble Ikea furniture!

  • Suz replied 3 years ago

    What a fab storage solution! And glad the shoes are comfortable. 

  • marianna replied 3 years ago

    That looks so cool! I also love the paint color on your wall... do you know the name?

  • Janet replied 3 years ago

    What Una said! I like how clean and simple your wardrobe area is. The storage cabinet is a great solution. Don't feel bad about buying furniture to accommodate your shoe collection -- I had our closet completely redone so it would hold our wardrobes both more efficiently and more attractively. Walking into our closet now is soooo much more pleasant than it was before, it's made getting dressed for both hubs and me a lot more fun. And yeah, I have a shoe wall. :-)

  • dakotacheryl replied 3 years ago

    V cool storage photos ladies!!

    My work shoes all fit in my little closet that houses my "in season" hanging clothes.

    My boot collection lives in their boxes stored under my bed. You can see the boxes peeking out from my WIW photos taken from home.

    Casual shoes live in bedroom closet, and in a back of the door hanging organizer in my bedroom. I continuously practice one in and one out with shoes as I have no additional storage space.

  • Greyscale replied 3 years ago

    I must admit my room is usually covered in thrown-off clothes. It's not always an oasis of calm! My bureau (not shown) is overflowing with clothes and they end up piled on a chair to be worn again. Plus, you're not seeing the overflow space in the cellar (Burning Man clothes & costumes) or the spare bedroom closet (all my dresses) or my boyfriend's closet (dance costumes, hiking gear). A big closet re-org is due. We'll probably need to downsize apartments soon, so I didn't want to expand into the spare room lest I get too used to the extra space.

    Janet, your closet is dreamy.

    Marianna, I don't know the paint color. It's purple in some light and grey in other. (In real life it's more purple than the photos.) It was what attracted me to this apartment - I saw it on Craigslist and fell in love. It's funny what things become priorities. I need tall ceilings, soothing paint, and wood floors. But I hardly notice the cracked ceilings and windows, antique (and disgusting) sink, broken tiles, etc. This place is actually quite shabby, but it has good bones, as they say.

  • MsMaven replied 3 years ago

    For a lot of us, having an open storage like yours would be a positive. I forget about clothes in dark drawers and spare closets. Fine for specialized clothing that you only use occasionally. I do like the look of your room.

  • Thistle replied 3 years ago

    Wow, FAB and BEAUTIFUL storage solution!

  • Elizabeth P replied 3 years ago

    This looks so beautiful!

    I keep all my shoes in boxes, stacked.  In my current house they are on shelves (I have a kind of bookcase thing in my closet) but in the past they've just been on the closet floor.  It allows for maximum piling without getting ruined :)

  • replied 3 years ago

    I love this, grayscale!
    It's very inspirational.
    I like the minimalism
    of a nearly all black wardrobe.

    ETA: did I just accidentally write a haiku?!

  • Marlene replied 3 years ago

    I see NO issue with buying furniture to house your shoes if you do not have an official closet!  Basically, your hands are tied.  What else is there to do?  This set-up is Pinterest-worthy!

  • catgirl replied 3 years ago

    Janet! DROOLING.

  • Aida replied 3 years ago

    What a lovely space! I think having pretty storage solutions for our pretty things is pretty wonderful :)

  • UmmLila replied 3 years ago

    Looks like a high end clothing store. The kind with one item in each size and a lot of empty space.

    We don't wear shoes in the house. There are three closets near our mud room. Two of them are filled with boots, shoes and shoe racks. My 15 year old minimalist daughter is the only one not taking up a lot of real estate.

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