A sea of denim skirts, and assorted k/r

I posted about the ‘upgrade’ mentality last week and mentioned that I seem to collect black denim skirts. Note that I wear a skirt maybe once or twice a month so I don’t need many!

I found one I liked at Everlane and brought it home to try on. From the photos, I don’t think it’s an improvement over my existing Madewell skirt.

Also shown: a really nice pair of Madewell pointed oxfords I found at Crossroads for really cheap. I thought they were patent but they’re not quite that shiny. Instead they are cordovan, which Wikipedia informs me is horse leather. Horse-loving me finds that a little unsettling but not enough to pass them on.

My jean skirt collection:
1-2 Madewell skirt I love from last year
3-4 new Everlane skirt - too similar, will go back
5-6 old longer Gap skirt. The waist feels too low for current styles but I like the length. It used to be a workhorse, often with longer tops. Keep or pass on?
7 asymmetric Zara skirt that I only wear to parties/campout music festivals (old photo)

And on to the other new finds, some K/R:
8 Everlane “GoWeave” triacetate top. This might be a synthetic I don’t mind, but as that’s never worked so far, I’m not sure I want to risk the cost ($68).
9,13 (oops, out of order) Everlane sleeveless silk square shirt. Definite winner, will replace a faded, less flattering one that should be retired.
10 omg the perfect high rise skinnies that I’ve been wearing nonstop since I found them at a thrift store several weeks ago. Re/Done brand, would have been too expensive new.
11-12 oversized cropped jean jacket that I’d coveted all year. It showed up at the Rack. This is an XS - too overwhelming? And I was hoping for a more rigid denim, from the photos online.

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  • Becky replied 5 years ago

    I agree with your decision to keep 1/2 over 3/4. I'm not sure about 5/6. As you said, you might not need more than one black denim skirt. I love #7! As you said, $68 is a lot for a top that's only a "maybe" in terms of working. Kudos on finding #10! Well-fitting jeans are always a great find! I do think 11/12 looks too large and overwhelming. It might just look intentionally oversized if you rolled the sleeves up to just below the elbow?

  • Greyscale replied 5 years ago

    And I really wish I could buy this Rag & Bone skirt! Even if it would be too long on me, and it's sold out, and too expensive anyway.

  • LaPed replied 5 years ago

    Interesting how much more saturated the Madewell skirt is than the new Everlane one. I wish Everlane would do more saturated blacks and fewer "washed" blacks...

    I have a bit of a stink-eye for knee-length denim skirts so I can't really weigh in on the Gap one. I do feel that longer skirts offer some versatility that shorter ones do not (since becoming a full-time kid-chaser, I've pretty much said goodbye to all my mini skirts, except for a couple that layer well with leggings). 

    Triacetate, as a fabric, is weird to me, it feels more "office-y" and less dressy than silk. It's drape-y without feeling quite as luxurious as I expect it to. The v-neck top looks nice but not particularly distinctive; I'm not convinced it fills a need. The sleeveless silk, on the other hand, is beautiful and looks more "you" -- if you hadn't said it was new I would've assumed it was already a part of your closet (of course, it is an upgrade/replacement, so maybe that's why!).

    The oversized denim jacket -- I'm not sold on the look. I know it's trendy, but denim jackets last *forever* so I'd rather have classic versatility than an of-the-moment cut. The cuffs are clever, though, and makes the whole look seem a bit more intentional. 

  • Greyscale replied 5 years ago

    La Ped & Becky - I think you are right on everything (unsurprising).

    I also wish Everlane would do more real black for sweaters, tees, etc. That said, I love this faded denim and I hope they offer their boyfriend jeans in it (I already have two pairs in solid black). And yeah, I hadn't noticed how much darker the Madewell skirt was before the photos, but I think it's why I like it better. I do like the Everlane one also, and the slight a-line shape is a bit different. So if I wore skirts all the time, I'd keep both - but I don't!

    I haven't been wearing my entire collection of sleeveless silk shirts as much as I used to. But this new one is great - the shorter length especially.

    The longer Gap skirt actually used to hit a few inches below the knee, which I preferred. I think I was skinnier when I bought it, and it sat low on my hips. Maybe part of why I'm unexcited about it now is the uninspiring knee length. I will hold onto it for now, but I might stop wearing it for a while. It's become one of those items that's less flattering than I expect.

  • Sal replied 5 years ago

    I love the Madewell skirt 1-2 the best and think 7 is a fun counterpoint to it. The longer Gap one - not sure.  

    Love your new jeans and the shirt - perfect!

    Think the vee neck looks good but I think there are lots of options for black tee style tops - I added a cotton one from Kowtow (NZ ethical brand) that was a total workhorse that I love.  

    I find denim jackets tricky - I failed last year to get one I like.  I am not sure about this one - I wonder if more oversized or more fitted might be better - it is kind of in between?

  • Joy replied 5 years ago

    I like a mix of faded black and deeper black. It seems to create texture and tension, especially if you mix in shiny black with a silk top, patent shoes or bag or black beads. My favorite black skirts are 1-2 and 5-6. Not sure about the black denim jacket. It would be good to have if you wear it over a bulky sweater or hoodie, but leather/faux leather or suede seems a better choice...or a colored denim like olive green or burgundy.

  • Angie replied 5 years ago

    I like the longer length denim skirt on you best. I know it's old and you don't like the waist, but the length is sooooo good.

    KILLER black skinnies.

    I like the black denim jacket in an oversized fashionable way. Super cute. 

    The Everlane silk blouse looks a bit conservative in the pics, although I think that might be because you're so far away! I'm sure I'd like it in a close-up :)

    Cute V-neck tee silhouette in #8. Very flattering shape for you. 

  • Greyscale replied 5 years ago

    The v-neck top is a heavy, slippery woven fabric that looks fairly upscale. I only wear natural fibers because of weird sensory preferences, but it's not a weight you could get with silk or a sheen you could get with wool. So it seemed worth a try, since I'm tired of babying my silk tops. And it does feel great so far, doesn't make my skin crawl like most synthetics. Every time I've bought a synthetic top, I've really regretted it, though. I think it's going back, but I might wear it around the house for 15 minutes to see how it feels, just to collect data.

  • 3style replied 5 years ago

    I like the Everlane skirt on you very much. I feel like it keeps the focus on your face and not your hemline, more than the staggered hem one. I feel like the staggered one might look better with a lighter colored top. The Everlane I think works well with either a darker or lighter top. So, if you aren’t decided, maybe try it with more outfits.

  • Jane replied 5 years ago

    10 jeans look very good! So good to find a thrift purchase that is so good! I like the longer length of skirt on you and the v neck t shirt.

  • Mel replied 5 years ago

    I'm a fan of the longer length skirt, too. (Although the shorter ones would look great in winter with tights!)  The waist does look like it somehow "bogs down" your height a bit; I think if the waist were a little higher, it would look more proportional. I have a streamlined denim midi skirt that goes from my natural waist to right below my knee and it gives me a fabulous "line". I have another one that starts below my natural waist and flares into a slight a-line: if I don't wear it with heels, it emphasizes my calves and makes me look shorter than I really am. 

  • Greyscale replied 5 years ago

    Mel, I think you're totally right that the low waist isn't doing anything for me. I do like the below-knee length, so maybe I'll keep it for now but keep an eye out for something similar or even an inch or two longer, with a higher waist. I usually wear this one with an untucked shirt, to de-emphasize the low waist.

    Still waffling on the various purchases, but all your opinions helped a lot.

    I found yet another jean skirt I want, in the meantime. ;-) Don't worry, I'm not going to buy more. It would probably be long enough on me to look decent, but it definitely doesn't fill a wardrobe hole.

  • Kate replied 5 years ago

    Weighing in on the GoWeave top. I try to stick to natural fabrics, but I gave in last year to Everlane’s cocoon dress in the Japanese GoWeave fabric. I’m a big fan of the fabric—it wears like iron, has a great drape, and feels lovely against the skin. I was hoping to add another piece this summer, but the current styles didn’t work for me. Hope you keep the top; it looks great on you.

  • 3style replied 5 years ago

    @Kate and @Greyscale ( and anyone else familiar with GoWeave) I was looking at the sizing for the garments in the GoWeave series. Since they don’t contain spandex or rayon, I’m trying to figure out what kind of stretch they might possess. If I don’t need to give lots of room to move around, I could take a size Zero. I just purchased tops in XS from Uniqlo and Gap, when I would expect to take small or medium.
    Also I’m wondering about wrinkling of the fabric. I’m especially generally skeptical of more casual LBDs which end up all wrinkly and chewed up looking after a few washes. Do they remain crease free?

    Also wondering if anyone has tried the Everlane denim jackets and what they think. Thanks.

  • Bijou replied 5 years ago

    I love the Rag and Bone denim skirt the most and want to pin this, so if I find a vey long denim skirt I could do a custom hack job to recreate this hem line. You have a great collection. I like the denim jacket too, the cuff details add a point of difference. Can you swap it for a smaller size?

  • Greyscale replied 5 years ago

    @3style I’m an XS, usually 2 sometimes 0 in Everlane tops. The v neck top here is size 2. I thought the extra drape worked well. But a 0 also fit and might be better (this one is too long in back).

    I didn’t try on any of the other styles. This style has a generous cut across the back / shoulders, and no sleeve seams, which is usually the reason I have to size up.

    No data on how it wears but I am also curious.

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